Lines for confectionery sector


Gorreri Company produces Turbomixer, the turboemulsifier with vertical head in-continuous mixing system, fruit of many years of experience that through Vertimix Technology is able in few minutes to emulsify batters, creams, mousses, sponge-cake with a final density impossible to reach with any other mixing equipment on the market.

It also manufactures Planetmixer, a range of pressurized planetary mixers available in 6 different capacities with optionals and devices to satisfy each single production need. More than 50 years of experience in the confectionary sector process make Gorreri able to design turn-key and tailored solutions for the production of sponge cake based products, layer-cakes, pies and tarts, muffins, eclairs and each kind of dosed product.

The company offers to its customers solutions for different applications like compact and semi-automatic lines for the production of round and rectangular layer-cakes and each kind of dosed products: both vertical and horizontal injection devices, ultrasonic cutting systems for any need, depositors, enrobing and decorating devices, different solutions of depanning systems, robotic arms to decorate and printing systems with edible inks as well as customizable machineries.


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