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PB series steam boilers complete with economiser for efficiencies of up to 97.5%.

The Mingazzini name is a story that spans four generations, with over 90 years of experience and the remarkable figure of more than 10,000 plants built installed exclusively for industrial use.

The company is considered one of the benchmarks at an international level and Mingazzini’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency in the food and beverage industry continues to bring cutting-edge solutions, confirming it as a privileged reference in the food and beverage sector.

Despite steady growth over almost a century in business, Mingazzini remains a family-run company, keeping intact the values inherited from generation to generation. This combination of tradition and innovation makes it a modern company, capable of expressing a culture, flexibility, innovation and creativity typical of Made in Italy, recognised and appreciated worldwide. One of Mingazzini’s core values is quality, understood not only as certifications, but as a personal commitment to individual customers.

The company guarantees the maximum safety of the equipment it supplies, from design to manufacture, through to testing. This ensures a solid and collaborative relationship, a high level of pre- and after-sales service and a reliable system over time. The mission that has guided Mingazzini for nine decades focuses on quality, efficiency and customisation. Every stage of product development is followed in-house at the production plant, using the most advanced technologies.

Mingazzini specialises exclusively in the production of boilers for industrial use, particularly medium pressure smoke tubes. Thanks to the use of exclusive energy recovery systems, the company is positioned as a market leader, offering extremely reliable steam generators that maximise energy savings, while respecting the environment and emissions regulations.

PVR series steam boilers, complete with economiser for efficiencies up to 97.5%.

Certified quality

The quality of Made in Mingazzini products is certified by numerous awards. The Quality System has been certified for compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards since 2001 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Similarly, Mingazzini has obtained certification for its Quality System with a certificate of conformity, based on the Total Quality Assurance according to Module H1 of the PED Directive, now Directive 2014/68/EU.

All these certifications testify to Mingazzini’s commitment to quality and conformity to the highest standards, guaranteeing customers the reliability of its products. Each system is custom-designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, in line with the principles of efficiency, energy saving and respect for the environment. The Mingazzini company is an ambassador of Italian excellence in the world, providing state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of customers engaged in the transformation of production processes.

Mingazzini’s range of Made in Mingazzini products is aligned with the most modern technological concepts, oriented towards energy saving, emission reduction, efficiency and user well-being, in line with the aims of the national Transition 4.0 plan. The company offers constant technical support and constantly optimises its products and their performance, maintaining a focus on quality as the focal point of every process. “Quality is a concept that cannot be ignored in every aspect, from product design to its final use,” says Ugo Mingazzini, the company’s CFO.

Mingazzini’s extensive experience over the years demonstrates its natural inclination to be an ideal partner for the food and beverage industry. Located in Parma, the company designs a wide range of boilers and other refined thermal solutions to meet the specific needs of these sectors. In particular, Mingazzini stands out for the production of firetube steam boilers, firetube superheated water boilers, firetube hot water systems, diathermic oil heat boilers, indirect clean steam boilers, atmospheric and thermophysical degassers, and various accessories for thermal power plants.

The growing demand for advanced solutions from diversified markets has stimulated the continuous development of superheated water boilers. One example is the PB HS series, designed for district heating plants with an impressive output of up to 17 MW. At the same time, flue gas recovery boilers, such as the PAS series, have been developed to integrate seamlessly with cogeneration or process plants. Mingazzini’s PB series of steam boilers, featuring a three-round through-flame, can cover a wide range of capacities, from 2,000 to 30,000 kg/h, with stamp pressures ranging from 12 to 25 bar.

Meanwhile, the PVR series, with reverse flame, offers capacities from 350 to 4,000 kg/h, also with stamp pressures from 12 to 25 bar. Both of these types of boilers guarantee outstanding reliability over time and can be customised for higher pressures on request. It should be noted that all steam boilers of the PB and ISR series offer a basic efficiency of 90%.

Furthermore, depending on the number of operating hours and the type of fuel used, dedicated energy recovery systems can be provided for the generator itself, with efficiency potential of up to 97.5%. Even higher efficiencies can be achieved with customised energy recovery systems, tailored to each customer. These systems push the condensation of boiler flue gases to the maximum, recovering the maximum amount of latent heat contained in them, allowing exceptional efficiencies of up to 99% to be achieved.


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