Milk bottling lines


BBM Packaging designs and manufactures tailor-made bottling solutions, able to meet even special application requirements. Especially for the dairy sector, where it is important to carry out maintenance during weekends and holidays in order not to hinder production, the company also offers technical assistance on the machines.

Ready to work flexibly according to the needs of customers, the company can organize shift-work to reduce the time required for interventions and provide timely and professional solutions. For years the company has been working with important groups in the dairy sector, such as Parmalat and Granarolo, and is able to dismantle and refurbish machinery in just a few days.

After an inspection, it decides which moving parts are worn out and need to be replaced with compatible and tested spare parts. Moreover, the company’s technicians, being in close contact with the main producers of preforms, are able to adapt the equipment to new materials and resins. In this way they can customize their processes and reduce energy consumptions.

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