Case erectors


Mondo & Scaglione presents the case erector Mod. 378/C, which can reach a speed of 42 cases/min. The main features are: Long-autonomy case magazine, which can be extended according to the storage and supply needs of the customer; case pick-up and transfer to the feeding conveyor, for a controlled and smooth unloading even at high speeds; machine base entirely stainless steel.

The unit is equipped with automatic system for case squaring, to recover possible manufacturing defects that would make the formed case a non-perfect parallelepiped with oblique sides. The possibility of applying the “reverse” motion system allows to open the cartons from right to left or vice versa by choosing the direction of opening on the display.

This is an obvious advantage for co-packers that receive differently printed cases from various customers or for companies that have multiple suppliers of differently printed cases. The standard machine is equipped with PLC and Siemens display, and Meler hot-melt unit for closing the bottom.

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