Meat processing machines


Iozzelli meat processing machines manufactures since over 30 years blenders for processing emulsions, fine pastes etc. which are often a stage of poultry processing for further producing sausages or any other product consisting of poultry meat. Is able to deliver a wide range of blenders from 300 up to 5000 litre bowl capacity all featuring non-interlocking paddle or spiral-ribbon shafts and frontal discharge through two pneumatic driven outlet flaps. Many other equipments are also available on request: vacuum (picture) or CO2 executions, 200-litre trolley column loader, PLC electronic drive trough Siemens’ components, weighting cells, variable speed, water dosing; furthermore 300-litre machines may also be manufactured with the exclusive Iozzelli’s hydraulic lifting system easing both product inlet and download at the required height. Every machine has a strong execution equipped with Iozzelli’s stainless reduction unit featuring bronze gears and stainless steel worm drive for each mixing shaft, providing a safe warranty of great reliability and long-lasting performances.

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    1. Hi customer ,

      Hello,this is Anne from RETON RING MESH CO.LTD , we are a manufacturer of stainless steel cut resistant glove.

      It can be used in security, kitchen, meat processing, slaughterhouses,as well as fish and oyster industry and other fileds.

      If you are interested in our products ,please be free to contact me.

      Thank you in advance!


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