Material endurance runner


The PTFE-free material iglidur J3 is the “endurance runner” among the high-performance polymers of the motion plastics specialist Igus. It increases the service life especially of applications with low and medium loads and therefore is ideal for the bicycle industry. It is also suitable for inspection robots, crane trolleys and wire cutters, and is part of the extension of the iglidur full range and now is available from stock in 113 standard sizes. As an advancement of iglidur J, J3 also offers a variety of options and areas of application for the lubricant and maintenance free use of plain bearings and in addition can achieve up to three times longer service life at the same price. The plain bearing material is suitable for low to medium loads and therefore, for instance, is especially suitable for use in the pedals and suspensions of bikes. At the same time it is characterised by dirt resistance, low friction coefficients and ruggedness with edge and impact loads. Features that are also in demand in many other industries including the textile industry. Plastic performance is also remarkable for low moisture absorption of only 0.3% and good chemical resistance.

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