“Made in Italy” wins again


Electra blow molding machine with blow molding press designed for the production of PET containers up to 30 litres.

PET containers: a new Italian company enters the international market, persuaded that innovation is the trump card to overcome this critical period.

In Nuremberg, Brau 2012 inaugurated Promec Blowtec, a new company manufacturing PET containers. On the occasion of this important international event, we met Vittoria Besa, one of the founders, together with Parma-based Promec, leader of the initiative. The decision to create this new company dates back to one year ago, and was made by the partners on the basis of the 20-year experience Promec has developed in the beverage trade.

The market for medium/large PET containers

“Creating a new blower for medium – and large-sized PET containers is one of the targets of this new initiative – says Mrs. Besa – We started this adventure trying to respond to market demand that privileges integrated blowing and filling lines. This commitment has been possible thanks to Promec’s significant experience in the production of filling lines, even for big containers”. Promec Blowtec has at its disposal engineering capabilities and wide knowledge in the field of linear and rotary machines. Thanks to a skilled technical team, it is successful in manufacturing the Electra 1 blower, designed for the production of PET containers from 5 to 20 liters. In a short time, two new versions have been added to Electra 1: 1S, for 1 to 6 liter containers; and 1L, for 12 to 30 liter containers. With this first range of machines, the company aims at addressing a developing market sector. “Just think of replacing the traditional beer Keg with a PETkeg – says Vittoria Besa,- 5-gallon PET containers for water, bulk wine, industrial oil, and so on: the field of application is vast”. These are the sectors in which the know-how of Promec Blowtec and its partners in designing containers that combine light weight and good quality bottles are important factors from an environmental point of view.