Monobloc for food oil


The Easy Line System monobloc by Quinti is intended for food oil bottling up to 800 bottles/h. Conceived for a single-operator use, it doesn’t need lubrication because it works “dry”. Easy to use, the machine has great fl exibility in bottle changeover and allows quick and easy adjustment and wash. The line is available in a wide range of options, i.e. combined with encapsulation device, labeller and fi lling system with nitrogen dosing. Vacuum working, provided with a system for fi lling and level adjustment in the bottle, the monobloc has an Aisi 304 stainless steel, detachable wastewater tank, with inspection cap for easy cleaning. The stop/automatic start system of the bottles’ conveyor belt at the end of the belt makes the cycle start again only when the bottles have been picked up, preventing them to fall on the ground. Filling valves and oil pipes are washed with CIP cycle.