Large cartons erector


Bortolin Kemo, with head office in Porcia (Pordenone-Italy), following request of an important French producer of cognac, has engineered and developed a special version of its valued case erector FC 45, suitable for large cartons. The machine has been equipped with a special carton feeding unit with automatic lifting system. Thanks to this solution, the belt feeding conveyor of the case storage unit is placed at a height of only 600 mm from the ground, allowing the operator not to be forced to lift at an excessive height the heavy carton packs. The movement of the lifter is driven by a brushless servomotor controlled through inverter. The lifting system is counterweighted in order to maintain the correct balancing of the carton piles and to ensure flowing movements, so that even unstable carton piles can be handled. The case erector has a speed of 45 cartons/min: it is a very high speed in case of large cartons. The machine is able to erect cartons with maximum dimensions (465x370x405 mm). The presser is replaceable to work cartons with pre-glued partition.


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