Machines for meat, fish and food processing and preservation


Minerva Omega Group has been designing and manufacturing meat and food processing machines and systems for over 75 years, providing solutions that enhance productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Its product range includes this equipment: meat processing, food processing and preservation, ice making, pizza equipment, washing equipment, cooking & chilling solutions.

Its latest solutions for meat and food processing and preservation: C/E HF, hamburger and meatball forming; G5A, ultimate automatic gravity slicer; GIM 360NB, undercounter granular ice maker. C/E HF produces 3000 pcs/h of single shape hamburger and 6000 pcs/h of meatballs, have a 40 lit fully extractable stainless steel feed pan, an automatic scraper device, a paper interlaver, a speed variator and an oil feeder.

G5A (in photo) automatic gravity slicer features automatic cutting, stable operations and precision, automatic moving carriage with inverter or manual variable speed, and two standalone motors. Also features a toothed belt and a brushless motor ensuring high performance.

The mouldable granular ice maker R452A for undercounter installations is featuring an environment friendly gas air condensing. Its standard working conditions feature and incoming water temperature of 15°C and the environment air of 20°C, with an output of 360 kg/24h of moulded ice at a temperature of 0°C with ideal humidity level variable between 15 and 25%.

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