Deep-freezing and leavening spirals


The rapidly changing and increasingly market has led to the development of new machinery and industrial plants that match manufacturers’ demands.

This has inspired the creation and improvement of Castiglioni Nedo‘s spiral machines, a versatile technology that offers compact and efficient solutions in industrial production lines.

The spirals can work with bulk or packaged products depending on the leavening, drying, sterilization, pasteurization, cooling and freezing processes. Each machine is designed to ensure continuous work cycles under all conditions and temperatures, integrating washing and control systems to speed up any product change. The machines versatility and reliability have benefited food products of all kinds: from fresh pasta to leavened products, to cooling and freezing plants for food and ready meals.

Each machine is designed according to the customer’s production needs, studying the characteristics of the final product in order to be able to guarantee quality yield while meeting industrial standards. The structure of the machinery helps to optimize the energy costs associated with product processing, occupying a limited and compact space compared to traditional processing lines. This translates into lower operating costs for the manufacturer, optimization of space, production versatility and reliability over time.

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