Low and high density foreign matter detection


Xnext, a deep tech company specialising in X-ray multi-energy inspection systems for real-time quality controls in industrial processes, presents the patented and proprietary XSpectra technology.

This inspection system combines photonics, nuclear microelectronics and artificial intelligence, and represents the perfect synergy between first-level hardware components and the XInspector inspection software, using artificial intelligence algorithms (Deep Learning) for the automatic detection of low and high density foreign objects and control of product conformity (volume, shape, size).

The software can be developed specifically for each food sector and updated once the machine is installed on the line to inspect new product/contaminant combinations. The machine is designed according to the production line specifications (belt width, speed, etc.) and can inspect bulk and packaged products. In a matter of milliseconds, it analyzes products directly on the production line and determines whether or not they meet the required quality standards.