Anti-mold and anti-bacterial coatings


In dairy production plants, vapours from cooking, the abundance of food waste and their easy deterioration encourage the formation of moulds and bacteria, especially on walls and ceilings, which can contaminate the product and endanger workers’ health.

Due to the constant presence of water used for cleaning, the flooring of these environments must be resistant and non-slip to prevent falls. Wall and ceiling coverings must be anti-mold, anti-bacterial and non-toxic.

The risk of product contamination is very high, because the raw materials handled here are very fresh and of animal origin. In addition, due to the large amount of condensation formed in the production environment, no particles that could contaminate the product should be detached from the coatings.

To overcome these drawbacks, Rivestimenti Speciali proposes two HACCP-certified solutions: Sterifloor and Stericlean. The first is a mechanically and chemically resistant industrial floor system, easy to clean, non-porous, seamless and long-lasting. The second is an antibacterial, odourless and completely non-toxic liquid coating, specially formulated for walls and ceilings.

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