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Tecnovap presents a patented steam generator which combines the power of dry saturated steam (10bar-180°C) with the mechanical force of water at high pressure (150 bar) to guarantee high cleaning efficiency in winery.

The Italian Company Tecnovap is born in 1985 thanks to an ingenious idea realized by Giuliano Franchini, its founding father. After almost 30 years of history, the company has succeeded in offering worldwide the widest range of steam generators, accessories and ecological systems of its own production.The constant commitment addressed to the design and to advanced technological innovations, has brought Tecnovap to patent new technologies such as the Thermo Compact Power™ and the True Temp Technology™ systems. Hence, Tecnovap has successfully asserted itself into the cleaning sector using steam, an ecological cleaning tool, to positively answer the different and always more demanding sanitation and disinfection needs. Nowadays Tecnovap exports its technology, 100% made in Italy, into 58 countries while its manufacturing activity takes place in 2 factories covering an area of 40.000 m² of which 7500 m² indoor. The dynamic distribution network developed so far, the care of Tecnovap for the client during all the phases, from the preliminary analysis to the after sale assistance, have guaranteed the company the loyalty of its customers and a worldwide notoriety, distinguishing itself with merit in the industrial and professional markets. Steam meets wine The main features of Tecnovap equipment are a quick running with a high thermal output, single compact units, completely automatic equipment with an easy installation and maneuvering as well as maximum usage safety. The water feeding is done by an electrical pump with a non-return valve, an automatic operation is possible due to an automatic level regulator. With regard to the safety devices, the systems are equipped with a pressure switch to control the pressure inside, with different safety thermostats and a double safety valve. It’s very easy to access the electric panel with all the commands, control and safety devices. Furthermore the steam generators include a digital instrument with hour meter and pressure gauge. Among its different steam generators, Tecnovap offers the Bacchus Line, a line of units especially designed and manufactured for the winery sector, suitable for sterilization of bottling lines and vaporization of wooden barrels without the usage of any chemicals, just by using steam. The Bacchus steam generators have been especially designed for the steam cleaning of small and medium equipment, due to the advantages of medium pressure steam. The water capacity of Tecnovap Bacchus Line equipment varies from model to model: water tanks are up to 20 liters and can also be directly connected to the water net. The power capacities ranges from 3,6 kW to 36 kW and the pressure up to 6 bar. The line is made up of three versions to meet every customer demand: Mini Bacchus (3,6 kW/6 bar/3+3liter) can sanitize a bottling line of 700-1200 bottles/hour or vaporize 6 up to 10 barrels per day; Pro Bacchus (3,6-7,2-10,8 kW/6 bar/14 liter) is suitable to sanitize a bottling line of 700- 2000 bottles/hour or to vaporize 11-20 barrels a day; and, finally, Ind. Bacchus (10,8-14,4-21,6-28,8-36 kW/6 bar/20 liter) developed to sanitize a bottling line from 2300 bph or to vaporize 21-150 barrels per day. As maintenance is important in order to guarantee a long life to a steam generator, each machine offers also a draining system for boiler cleaning. All Tecnovap steam generators are manufactured according to the European regulation EN 60335-2-79 and are therefore shipped with an instruction manual and documentation according to the current regulations.

Steam, an ecofriendly cleaning system
The Tecnovap Bacchus system is based on an experience of over 12 years of application in the wine sector. Initially designed for external cleaning of barrels and winery in general, it founds later success for sanitation of bottling lines and microfiltration plants. The last application tested for this system is the internal barrique cleaning. For the cleaning in the oenological environment operators currently use peracetic acid, soda, sulfur and other compounds; this implies a big investment of time and usage of large quantities of water for rinsing as well as disposal difficulties. With the combination of water and steam, in only one single process, all these problems disappear. Steam cleaning is an innovative and 100% natural process as it does not require the use of chemicals, does not emit noxious fumes (hence also usable indoors) and permits to reach also the most critical points. It is possible to clean and sanitize not only the bottling line but also microfiltration cartridges, called housing (the machines are provided with a pressure control mechanism 0,2-6 bar). The function of steam should be considered very important in barriques and tonneaux cleaning. Thermic effect permits to split tartar (being a crystal deposition) and to detach it from the barrel walls, in this way cleaning becomes faster due to the mechanical action. Furthermore the application of steam opens the wood pores (being a natural fiber): the barrel is not only sanitized in terms of negative yeasts like e.g. Brettanomyces but wine oxidation can occur. Last but not least this system prolongs the lifetime of the barrel itself.  The system is ready within 5 minutes and has a trolley in order to offer more mobility, furthermore its usage does not need any special permission or license.

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