Champagne labelled with Made in Italy technology

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Cold glue self-adhesive labeller Modular Executive 2320. Designed for high speeds, it is the largest version in the diverse range of labellers by P.E. LABELLERS

High-quality self-adhesive labels for prestigious products. This is the offer of P.E. Labellers with its subsidiary OMME France,today privileged partners in the champagne sector.

In recent years, P.E. Labellers and its subsidiary OMME France positioned themselves as privileged parnters in the champagne sector. After Laurent Perrier, De Castellane, Salon Delamotte and G.H. Mumm, at the beginning of 2014, another prestigious name has been added: Champagne Veuve Clicquot, thus rounding out the top producers of champagne in the world.  For years a user of cold-glue technology, now Veuve Clicquot has converted to the Made in Italy self-adhesive, preferring P.E. labellers to label their bottles. As of today, Veuve Clicquot has already purchased three Modular Plus 2320 labelling machines – the largest in the range. Each machine is equipped with eight self-adhesive labelling stations, centring systems with camera, laser marking, flaming system, label positioning detection system with camera and automatic size change system. The three top-of-the-line rotary labellers provide the customer with maximum technological innovation currently available in the labelling sector and highest safety and protection for users. Reliability and safety are guaranteedby complete remote assistance, including label checks.

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Self adhesive labeller Modular Fix 1224, for low speeds, the “smallest” version offered by P.E. LABELLERS

Modular construction and total safety
Designed for those who don’t have clear ideas at the time of purchase, the modular labeller developed by P.E. Labellers is the only one really able to offer full freedom of choice at any time. To best meet client needs, Modular models are divided into three categories: FIX, with rotation plates with mechanical cam and cold glue and/or adhesive peninsula stations; PLUS, with rotation plates handled by integrated servo actuated motors and cold glue and/or adhesive peninsula stations; TOP, with rotation plates handled by integrated servo actuated motors and cold glue, adhesive, hot glue modules on a cart. All Modular models are equipped with an ergonomic frame, and patented safety systems providing for zero workplace accidents. Modular construction also applies to the labelling stations. In fact, the modular construction allows users to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it (before, during or after its purchase) and whether to install labelling units as a fixed or modular fitting. When necessary, only the kind of application can be replaced instead of replacing the whole machine as in the past. Existing labelling units can be replaced any time with other different technologies, as upon the labelers purchase. Carts and fixed stations are available for any kind of technology: cold glue, hot-melt, self-adhesive (including non-stop) and roll-fed equipments.

Labelling at any speed
P.E. Labellers offers labelling machines of any size. A medium/low speed version has been expressly designed for middle and low-sized wineries and oil mills, which can reach the utmost flexibility by a contained investment. A larger version allows its users to achieve up to 72,000 bph speed, and assures top quality performances. The added value of both versions is given by the servomotors with integrated drive for plates rotation, through an electronic cam system that can be programmed by a touch screen panel. For the labelling of any kind of container, upon request the labellers can be integrated with optical spotting systems and cameras.

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