Labelpack, labelling of pet food

Flexible Compact labelling machines for the labelling of cans and cylindrical containers, pots, flowpacks, trays, bundles and flat products in general

With eight standard models and numerous custom solutions, the Compact series allows the labelling of any type of container

The development of machines intended for the automatic labelling for Labelpack takes place under the banner of technological innovation, to provide customers with tailored efficient and secure solutions. So, the Company can respond to the demands of an increasingly demanding market, without neglecting the economic aspect of the proposed solutions.

In this perspective Labelpack has designed Compact, the entry level series for the labelling of pet-food containers. The range includes eight standard models and countless custom solutions that can be equipped with Labelx labellers, a series that can detect and apply labels with heights up to 140/250 mm and lengths up to 350 mm.

For cylindrical bottles and jars

The versions Compact-WA and Compact-WX were designed for the labelling of cylindrical bottles and jars. Particularly suited for manual loading or directly connectible to the medium-speed bottling and packaging lines, they allow to automate the labelling process with a modest investment. The system has a modular structure, with a tubular stainless steel frame housing the labelling unit, the conveyor belt and the device required to wrap the label around the bottle.

Truncated-cone containers can be handled thanks to special accessories, which guarantee a correct application of the label. Compact-WX and WA are characterized by start photocell, flat belt transport module, device for the rotation of the product with three pneumatically actuated rollers, horizontal and vertical micro regulation unit. Manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304, the unit can be completed with encoder for speed synchronisation and end-of-roll pre-alarm.

Compact-TB can be fitted with a double Labelx unit

For trays, boxes, flowpacks and bags

The models Compact-TS, Compact-TB and Compact-BS are configured for the labelling on the top, bottom or on both sides of trays, cartons, boxes, flowpack packages and pillow bags. Product transport modules can be manufactured in different versions (flat belt, plastic chains, stainless steel chains) and are customizable in both width and length according to the dimensions of the product and the requirements of the packaging line.

The models in the series can be equipped with one or more thermal transfer printing units for the inline completion of the products with variable data, bar codes and other information on the content of the packages. Compact-TS and BS are characterized by start photocell, transport module with double side chain, horizontal and vertical micro-regulation unit. The Compact-TB, instead, features oscillating applicator roller, double start photocell, double flat belt transport module and double horizontal and vertical micro-regulation unit.

The accessories include: encoder for speed synchronisation and end-of-roll pre-alarm. On request, the frame can be manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304.