International Conference Food Contact Compliance


    The Conference, in its sixth edition, is confirmed as a crucial event to outline the international scenario of Food Contact Compliance.

    The first day offers interesting associations between the traditional themes of Food Contact Materials, concerning safety, and emerging themes to be taken into consideration: environmental sustainability, efficiency and optimization of services for finished products. Ample space will be offered to various speakers who will present their direct testimonies on laboratory analysis, normative, regulatory and certification aspects, in order to explore the future scenarios that are emerging in terms of industrial and commercial usage, concerning EU legislation on FCM and beyond.

    The second day offers an overview of some legislative frameworks in force on the international market, with particular regard to ASEAN, China, Japan, Mercosour and the USA. The regulatory approaches of the various States will be compared, to highlight peculiarities, differences and similarities that arise.

    The third day concluding the conference proposes some recurring themes in the FCM world: substance evaluation declined in the REACH rulings, the regulation of plastics for recycling and active packaging. Not to mention new solutions for printing inks. The day will end with a focus on GMPs and certification standards for the FCM chain.

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