Labelling and capping technologies


This year, PMR System Group exhibited its renovated equipment geared toward strong technological development, as requested by Industry 4.0 best practices. All systems are reliable and equipped with top brand components, in compliance with the regulations on hygiene and safety.

In the labelling sector, the M3005 and M3010 lines stand out, which in their different versions and customizations for the simultaneous application of top, bottom, wrap-around, front, back, dual label, coding, and overprinting. Many other solutions are featured including the RT2U automatic filling and capping line for containers with capacities from 20 to 500 ml and screw caps.

The TTR roller capping machine, adaptable to screw caps and dispensers, achieves productivity above 5000 pph. The MC rotary capping monobloc is ideal for sealing containers with screw or push-on caps. In addition to perfecting machinery and taking care of details, the company is constantly committed to offering advice and assistance to its customers. The photo shows TTR for triggers, with double pair of rubber plates, driven by brushless motors which allow setting the desired rotation speed and torque for each product.

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