Filling and seaming groups


The great sales success of the new piston fillers has led Zilli & Bellini to insist on innovations in volumetric fillers. AS for the piston filler with horizontal valve, the idea is to also implement an automatic washing system (CIP) controlled by the PLC in the filler equipped with conventional nozzle.

Through this innovation, it is possible to activate directly from the touch screen a mechanical device that extracts the pistons from the cylinders. With this operation, an efficient washing cycle can be performed with quick and easy inspection of the seals. Many new accomplishments even for the concern also on the seamers.

The sturdy machine structure guarantees continuous performance over time. Today the range includes models with up to ten heads for high-capacity productions. These machines are suitable to seam all metal containers of cylindrical shape made of aluminium and tinplate, filled with food or soft drinks. The company’s technology also enables customers to increase the speed and simplicity of format change-over operations.