Kneading, leavening, baking: control systems for every baking stage


The solutions developed by Ascon Tecnologic allow to keep all baking phases under control. For mixers and planetary mixers with fixed or variable speed, ATmixer is available to check recipes, speed, light control and temperature measurement.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, it allows for remote connection and data storage. For the leavening stages, ATslight offers performance thanks to preset functions and a user-friendly interface, where automatic processing or individual parameters are selected manually.

Top/bottom, rotor, tube or tunnel bakery ovens can find their ideal controller among the ATbake solutions which allow: temperature control; belt speed control; automation for programmed starts; steamer and light control; Eco and turbo functions, baking recipes; software and hardware customization.

The main features are: accurate adjustments; programs that can be stored with recipe names and symbols; remote connection; data storage on usb; industrial and certified hardware; touch screen.