Compact packing monoblocks


The packing monoblock Mod. F/I/I/N 1 proposed by Mondo&Scaglione has compact dimensions (2500×2500 mm) that do not prevent four functions from being performed simultaneously (case erection, introduction of bottles and divisions, case closing) at speeds ranging from 1500 to 2500 b/h.

The bottles are fed from the line upstream on a single row; a pusher prepares the bottles on a layer according to the selected layout (6 or 12) on an “openable” platform; an arm with suckers mounted above the bottles picks up the bottles, opens the separating hive and places it on the pack of bottles previously prepared.

Now the bottle picking head goes down to pick up the bottles and lift them while the platform underneath opens; then the head moves downward and unloads the bottles inside the case that has been erected under the bottle pack. After inserting the bottles and the divider into the case, the case il pushed outside of the machine by a mechanical arm and moves between two taping units that seal the case bottom and top. Thanks to its compact design and remarkable speed, the monoblock is ideal for all companies that want to start automating the end-of-line and make bottling more efficient.

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