Innovative isobaric monobloc for beer

Queen-T06 System Beer can be integrated in a packaging line comprising automatic bottle loading and unloading tables, rinsers, cappers or labellers
Queen-T06 System Beer can be integrated in a packaging line comprising automatic bottle loading and unloading tables, rinsers, cappers or labellers

Quinti’s linear beer filling machine with six filling nozzles and equipped with a capping head for crown caps. Quick bottle format change, performed automatically and controlled via touch screen.

With Queen-T06 System Beer, Quinti designed a machine that facilitates filling activities thanks to a new system that does not require any screw or star for bottle format change. A few simple manual adjustments are all that is needed to setup the machine for a different bottle diameter. Height adjustments are performed automatically through a motor-driven system controlled via touch screen. The operator only has to enter the new bottle height to start working without problems. The full compatibility of the machine allows its integration in complete packaging lines, and ensures its perfect operation in connection with automatic bottle loading and unloading tables, rinsers, cappers, or labellers. The output is of 600 bottles per hour based on the 750ml bottle. The machine can process also additional bottle sizes: 300, 500 and 660 ml, with heights ranging from 210 to 420 mm and diameters between 52 and 120 mm.

Smart Programming Mode
The isobaric filling system is conceptually complex. To facilitate the use of the machine by the operator, Quinti has developed SPM (Smart Programming Mode), a simplified program for the management of the filling process. While entering data, in addition to the bottle height, the operator can select its diameter and internal volume (e.g.: H 250 mm; D 60 mm; V 50 cl). Thanks to these two additional data, the PLC can automatically recall a basic program for a specific bottle size, as well as any other stored program with similar characteristics. The SPM system allows the creation of a basic program that can be corrected and/or improved any time, according to the type of beer to be filled.

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Queen-T06 System Beer achieves an output of 600 bottles/h based on the 750-ml format

Filling without contamination
Many of the filling steps, as for instance bottle washing with CO2 (venting and gas injection), bottle level control and decompression are automatically controlled by Queen-T06 System Beer. The operator, however, has to adjust the total cycle time of the filling cycle if it is too long or inadequate, and the time for bottle decompression, and, if necessary, to enable gas injection (Argon) into the bottle neck. In the design of this machine, Quinti devoted special attention to management of the filling phases, since all passages of liquids – including decompression – occur in separate tubing. This contributes to prevent beer contamination. The machine does not require any lubrication, as all sliding parts are self-lubricating. These dry-running components also prevent contamination from lubricants such as oil or grease, all for the benefit of cleaning and routine maintenance.





  1. Good evening.
    We are small brewery from Malta The Brew.
    And now we are starting big project and we need filling bottles line. We need fully automatic with washing and labeling. 1000-2000 bottles per hour.
    Could you please send more information and final price with delivery to Malta.
    Thanks in advance

    Dmytro Tolok
    Director of The Brew Malta

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