Certified clothing


ALSCOWith the DIN 10524 certification, Alsco produces clothing that ensure total hygiene in food processing environments. To highlight the garments’ peculiarity, the company implemented a logo indicating that the fabric can contribute to reduce contamination in compliance with Haccp standards. This standard was developed by the German industry, and defines the properties and specifications a garment must have to maintain in full the hygienic conditions required by the milk and dairy industry. There is no similar standard at Community level (EN), and companies voluntarily comply with the German standard. The company offers also a hiring and laundering service that reduces the risks of contamination according to ISO 14698. With EN 14065, it certifies a biocontamination control of an industrial laundry, in order to guarantee articles with controlled contamination up to the delivery. The service ensures: absence of allergens from cross-contamination; garments of different colours to distinguish between different areas; management of the assigned garments; traceability and control of the garments’ handling.

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