In-line 3DX-ray scanner


Many years of experience have allowed Biometic to develop solutions that meet the needs of the food industry (patisserie, croissants, chocolate bars, etc.).

Among these, there is Mito, the 3DX-Ray scanner that exploits the three dimensions to ensure quality in-line controls, less errors and waste compared to traditional X-ray systems using 2D technology.

In addition to detecting foreign bodies with great accuracy, it allows to check and control production in real time. The system can adapt to any type of product, as it exploits a wide range of analysis algorithms. Its calibration is very quick thanks to the intuitive display and to the user-friendly interface.

It detects various kinds of foreign bodies, and controls and sets the dosage of ingredients; ejects defective, damaged or deformed products from the line; checks package seals and integrity; recognizes the number of individual products inside a package.