Identification system becomes detected by metal detector


The detection of foreign bodies during production and packaging phases is essential in environments where cleaning, hygiene and safety are essential requirements, such as the food processing industries, the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic ones.

Preventing contaminaion and excluding the presence of plastic in the product means ensuring the safety and quality of food that must always be healthy and safe before beautiful and good. In order to meet this need and to guarantee the high standards required under international regulations and in compliance with the HACCP System, Grafoplast, a company recognized as specialized in Industrial Identification Systems, has studied and developed a marking dedicated to the food sector that, thanks to a special formula of the raw material compliant with Reg. EU 10/2011, is detected by metal detector.

The new line covers a wide range of products to meet any need of marking: tags with holes to identify groups of cables, by means of cable ties also detected by metal detectors, adhesive and non adhesive tags to mark the external panel and single cables. The metal filler inserted into the tags is corrosion resistant and allows to be reliably identified by metal detectors. In addition, the blue colour of the material is designed to facilitate visual inspection by the operator or by the camera, whatever the type of food is.

This minimizes the risk of food contamination during production phases as it is possible to intervene “in real time” by segregating contaminated products and avoiding to place them on the market. Grafoplast guarantees the maximum safety of its marking that remains always clear, readable and resistant over time, but it is enriched by the factor “DETECTABLE” optical and, at the same time, metal detector detectability.

This new line dedicated to the food sector is printable with the EVOMAX2 thermal transfer system, the evolution of Grafoplast systems, which allows the printing of labels, tags, modular strips to identify electrical panel and components. Thanks to the new feeder and the new parametric sensors, EVOMAX2 allows the optimization of consumption up to 40% tape saving, and maximum execution accuracy, in addition to flexibility and ease of use. A wide range of products allows applicability on any type of surface.

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Grafoplast, an Italian Company founded in 1963, offers innovative products and technologies that enhance the quality of Made in Italy. With widespread customer support throughout Italy and abroad, Grafoplast ensures speed of delivery and the ability to build customized solutions

From the maual Trasp System, the result of the first Grafoplast patent, the range of products has been enriched by the EVOMAX thermal transfer system, the EGO handheld printers ideal for use directly on the field and the TWIST roll printers suitable for printing thermoshrinkable materials. For decades Grafoplast has been a reliable partner for electrical installers but now has enlarged its activity by supporting the food processing industries with high-performance solutions to offer a global response to the marking needs.

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