Hi-Tech system for in-phase label application


Among the innumerable labelling solutions that Altech can offer, in-phase labelling is one of the most sophisticated. This kind of labelling is suitable where it is necessary to apply one or more labels in precise points on the product (mainly with a cylindrical shape).

In-phase application is useful to label products like bottles, jars, and buckets with irregular and high spots, typically handles, holes, and edges.

This particular application is also used to add additional information, such as on labels that have already been applied. A typical example of products where additional information can be provided by adding a label in a particular point is the beverage sector. For instance, an in-phase automatic labelling system is used to apply labels on beer bottles that require further information.

The system is positioned directly on a packaging line. The labelling system spaces and orients the bottles, as well as applies the labels in phase between two existing labels, so as not to cover them. All at speeds of over 50 bottles per minute. The labeller is an ALline C linear system, equipped with a dual-belt spacer and a three-roller timing system. The sensor which identifies the correct application position is a high-speed scanner, which reads the existing barcode on the bottle and sends a signal to the ALritma label applicator head.

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