Ingredients for Italian PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses


Foodcom’s team has been coagulating milk for over thirty years. Ferments, probiotics, coagulants, rennets, moulds: the range is quite extensive, and it is possible to find the right ingredient for any typical Italian cheese.

The Granata trademark, for instance, integrates the range of rennets and coagulants developed both to respect tradition while complying with modern technologies, attentive to new needs and trends. Rennet powder is ideal or the production of the great Italian PDOs made from cow’s or sheep’s milk.

Lamb’s and kid’s rennet paste provides characterizing elements during maturation.  While liquid calf rennet has very high chymosin concentrations and is free from preservatives. Ferments are mixtures of highly concentrated lactic acid bacteria to be inoculated directly into the milk.

Essential for cheese fermentation, lactic acid bacteria can generally be used in combination with various strains depending on the production technology and the characteristics of the finished product. Finally, adjuvants are recommended for the standardization or enrichment of milk intended for yoghurt production.

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