Stainless steel provers


Gavacold automatic provers allow to manage the bread leavening process of bakery and pastry products. Thanks to their manufacturing characteristics and the use of special quality components, Gavacold provers can ensure reliability and safety operating.

They are available in two versions, CL and CLE, and a wide choice of sizes and configurations in order to satisfy even the most peculiar requests. The large panel over the door allows all operating functions to be programmed. Thanks to its easy-to-use display, it is possible to manage temperature and humidity control.

The CL structure is made of high density 70 mm polyurethane CFC free injected isothermal panels, fixed by eccentric hooks to ensure perfect adhesion. Panels internal corners are completely rounded to ensure better cleaning and ease of maintenance.

The internal finish and the external front face are stainless steel Aisi 304, as well as the internal bumper bars. The finish of the external side panels is made of galvanized sheet metal pre-painted white. Standard models are supplied without insulated paving.

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