Healthier food with Sous-Vide cooking

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Vacuum system 9714 N, with 43 cm welding bar, with suction capacity of 40 l/min, vacuum level-900 mbar max

Smallest footprint, top performance: with Reber’s equipment food is cooked preserving its organoleptic properties

Reber, Italian company located in the heart of the Po Plain and producing small household and professional electrical appliances, developed Gourmet Sous-Vide. Combined with vacuum machines of the company’s range, this cooking system is changing the way of cooking, while offering the same taste and quality of food prepared by a top chef. With Reber’s vacuum cooking food keeps better, tastier and healthier, because the food wrapped in special vacuum bags can be cooked without seasoning and even without salt if required. Preventing the contact of food with high temperatures and cooking liquids, vitamins and mineral salts are preserved. Thus, excellent quality and tenderness are ensured for all kind of food, ready for further processing or consumption.

New gastronomic technology

Gourmet Sous-Vide is a device for cooking in a water bath with controlled temperature and cooking time, where water is kept at a constant temperature, limiting the temperature to the minimum necessary to reach to the heart of the product, thus preventing the dispersion of flavours and aromas. Reber’s cooking device features a special energy-saving system ensuring very low consumption. When the tank reaches the working temperature, the average consumption is below 40 W (60 W for bigger model). Gourmet Sous-Vide is available as standard version or with stainless steel casing, for 10 or 17 litres capacity. Both versions are equipped with 4-digit display for controlling temperature, cooking time, ignition delay, and a programmable timer with delayed start. The appliances are TUV certified for professional and household use; the prerogative of all models is the possibility to cook without the addition of seasonings. Excellent results are obtained by just placing food in certified bags for vacuum cooking. With this system food is protected and isolated, thus preventing the cross-contamination with allergens. All food products can be cooked with Gourmet Sous-Vide by simply pre-dosing the quantities in order to avoid wastes.

Gourmet Sous-Vide, developed by Reber for vacuum cooking. Energy consumption in full operation is below 40 W
Gourmet Sous-Vide, developed by Reber for vacuum cooking. Energy consumption in full operation is below 40 W

Small sizes, small consumptions

Reber’s Gourmet is available in two sizes: 35×31 or 43×36 cm, height 26 cm. It has a small footprint and hence suitable where there is little space available. It features: tank in heat-resistant ABS with protection grid in stainless steel; armored resistance with maximum absorption 650 W; energy-saving system with air gap insulation against the loss of heat; average hourly consumption steady 65/80 W; insulation class 1; stainless steel casing or ABS with stainless steel cover; electronic programming of the temperature from 32° to 90°C; precision control with temperature sensor for excursion +/-0.5°C; programmable timer with delayed start up to 9 hours continuous operation time up to 72 hours. Nine pre-set programs are available for the most common cooking systems, plus five programs that can be stored by the user. Reber products are available on-line (