Grinder and breaker



The Velati THOR grinder/breaker features two worms mounted one above the other, suitable for breaking and grinding frozen meat blocks up to -20°C into 4-mm pieces in a single step. The grinder breaker is equipped with a conventional plates/knives cutting system (diameter of the outlet mouth 300 mm). The productivity reaches 10 t/h, and changes according to the desired final granulometry and the type of raw material. The lower scroll is operated by a 110 kW engine running at fixed speed. Thanks to the 22 kW motor equipped with inverter, speed adjustment is ensured, and the machine can be used to process all kinds of products. The layout always integrates two high-efficiency and low consumption motors, and double helical gearboxes. The lower worm is manufactured according to the product to be processed, and may vary in shape, pitch and capacity. The model with twin work is suitable also for high-quality products, where an accurate cut is required that doesn’t stress the raw material. This machine offers: continuous processing; uniform final product; reduced temperature increase during the grinding process; easy maintenance and cleaning.

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