Fresh-cut packaging

Picture 1 | Double filling and pressing unit

Innovative filling system for clamshell trays by GNA

Thanks to over-thirty years experience in packaging systems, GNA offers a major specialization in the development of solutions for packaging fresh and freshcut produce as well as in the production of packaging systems for products of food and non-food industry. With its strong presence on both domestic and international markets and a wide know-how, the company can count on a wide range of machines.

One of the most innovative solutions by GNA is the linear filling system RL40, which is the answer to increasing demand for fresh-cut easy to open and reclose packages. The linear filling system quickly and effectively fills clamshell trays and punnets with food products and unwashed or washed fresh and fresh-cut produce. The system consists of denester of empty trays, double filling and pressing unit (Picture 1), double lids closing unit (optional, Picture 2).

User-friendly machines…

Versatile and user-friendly, RL40 was made by GNA to complete its rich range of machines, together with other filling systems as, for instance, the octagonal carousel V80S designed to fill bowls and trays to be packaged with flowpack or tray-sealing machines. Made on an octagonal structure, it allows you to customize the layout of the relevant conveyors.

The frame is made of stainless steel Aisi 304 to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Brushless motors allow to reach high production speeds with guaranteed accuracy. Another example is the end-of-line system pick & place RVA 100, designed for filling cartons and boxes with flow-pack bowls or heat-sealed trays, ready for the next loading onto pallet.

The structure is always of stainless steel, suitable for easy cleaning. Control via PLC and touch screen panel allows to easily create new production recipes. The use of three brushless servomotors provides for high performance and precision in the filling of boxes.

Picture 2 | Double lids closing unit

…for eco-friendly products

GNA machines meet the ever increasing demands of a market in constant search of innovative solutions. The industrial packaging is in fact an element that can influence in a decisive way the image and competitiveness of a company. In fact, if until a short time ago purchases privileged the content, today the choice of the final consumer is also conditioned by the wrapping and by its eco-sustainability.

For this reason GNA continuously develops technologies that support the sustainability of materials and, at the same time, preserve the package contents. In this regard, both the new lines for the filling and closure of clamshell trays and other GNA solutions meet the demands of the large-scale retail buyers that push toward the use of biodegradable containers.

All GNA packaging machines are equipped with accessories for the use of paper and compostable materials. Particularly suitable for packaging loose products and without tray, they allow to reduce the impact that the double package (container and wrapping film) irreparably exerts on the environment.

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