Pot fillers for ricotta


Ilpra’s Fill Seal series comprises a wide range of in-line and rotary models. The In-line Fill Seal models are fully automatic machines, suitable for working on various rows according to the container size and the required production capacity. Rotary models, designed to work on a rotary table, are ideal for medium and high production levels.

The picture shows the Fill Seal 5000 filler/sealer for ricotta pots, featuring a wide range of control elements supplied by partner companies such as X-ray inspection, ink-jet coding, and weight control. Characterized by an eight-station rotary table, it guarantees a reliable sealing cycle of up to 5,000 pieces per hour.

Entirely built in stainless steel, the machine can be equipped with a variety of optionals, such as Additional dosing device; snap-on lids for positioning of aroma-tight plastic lids; automatic adjustment of the dosing unit; stirrers for hopper. The main technical characteristics are: Machine weight 700 kg; installed power 6 kW; air consumption 6 bar; container diameter max. 95 mm; container height max. 130 mm.

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