Gluten-free pasta



Storci No-Glut Raw is specifically designed to produce gluten-free pasta using raw flours, and can be integrated onto new or existing lines, even built by other manufacturers.  There is no tank-cooking: the dough is precooked on a belt. White specks are no longer a problem: the dough does not clump together, heat and moisture are evenly distributed.  Among the main advantages, there are: high control of the degree of gelatinization; more uniform heat treatment; optimum energy efficiency; total control of the heat treatment times to suit different flours; easy to clean, and no product stagnation. Do you use pre-cooked flours? The No-Glut Gel system allows to produce gluten-free dry pasta with the technology integrated on the standard Storci pasta lines.  Thanks to the available set of equipment, it can be fitted for the use of raw flours with the No-Glut Raw system.  No-Glut systems are only suitable only for standard pasta shapes, consequently the production of special shapes as paccheri (large pasta tubes) and other similar shapes is excluded. Production capacities vary according to the type of processed flour.

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