Food-grade components

Pneumax FCM fittings, certified for food contact and flow of liquid food.

As the new Pneumax fittings, providing for reliability, compliance with the rules and safety. In a demanding sector such as food & beverage, in order to satisfy customers’ requests, products must ensure high reliability and compliance with relevant international standards.

In this perspective, Pneumax launches the new series of FCM (Food Contact Material) fittings, suitable for food contact according to the European regulations 1935/2004, 2023/2006, 11/2011 and for contact with drinking water according to the Ministerial Decree 174/2004.

The FCM series is manufactured by Titan Engineering, a company of the Group specialised in the production of standard and special fittings in various materials, as for instance technopolymer, steel and brass. Product certifications have been issued by a duly accredited institution, recognised by Anima Confindustria, after a series of migration and laboratory tests carried out according to UNI EN 16889:2016 specifications.

The tests focused on all materials of the components, which are already compliant with FC (Food Contact) standards, as well as all plastic parts in POM (polyoxymethylene) and IXEF 1022FC (polyarylamide 50% FV), and metal parts in brass OT57 (CW510L with low lead content, NSF/ANSI 372 certificate). With this new series of fittings, Pneumax offers to an ever-changing market such as that of the food & beverage an efficient alternative to adhere to the new European Regulation 831/2018 – otherwise known as Moca.

The FCM series is part of a route based on the conviction that it is increasingly necessary to direct business strategies towards sustainable development, paying the greatest attention to people’s health and respect for the environment; these are fundamental beliefs for which the company already acquired the ISO14001 and ISO45001 certifications, which are integrated into the quality management system ISO9001.

Certified FCM fittings ensure the perfect sealing of pressure components.

Certifications and respect for the environment

As for the applications, the added value of FMC fitting series derives not only from the food contact certifications, but also from their compliance to the norms regulating the flow through of liquid food products.

This requirement is certified by tests performed according to precise specifications with a device introduced during the validation step of Titan’s production process, produced in compliance with European Regulation 2014/35/EU; this device can perform tests starting from the standards dictated by the UNI EN ISO 1386:2001 and higher.

The certification ensures the perfect sealing of pressure components, not only with drinking water but also with other alimentary fluids such as wine, beer and beverages in general. The heart of the testing machine is the rotary vane pump Mocareel, acquired to this purpose thanks to the close collaboration with a leading company of this sector, which registered the trademark; this in order to penetrate significant markets of the food & beverage sector: from coffee and vending machines to food filling and processing.

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