Flexibility in chocolate moulding, the new DOSM-A from Mazzetti Renato Srl

WA-FA 400 balls mill refiner.

In the last 10 years Mazzetti Renato Srl has radically changed its approach in building chocolate moulding lines adding a lot more engineering and new technologies to the classic and robust design of the past models.

Leaving aside the obvious but important upgrades that have evolved in these years, user friendly software, artificial vision applications and customized solutions for specific products it’s the DUF-A, Universal Dosing System, that has been the leap into offering a dosing head capable of producing, on the same line: One Shot products, chocolate bars with whole hazelnut inclusions, double colour products and many more.

Now a new step into the highest grade of flexibility has been made with the development of the DOSM-A. Where the DUF-A is an incredibly flexible machine where it is possible to change the whole pistons group together with the cutting valves and dosing plates, the new DOSM-A adds the possibility of having the chocolate hopper also removable. This last option offers the customers the freedom of planning not only the change of shape in the produced chocolate but also the kind of chocolate to be used on a line.

The new DOSM-A allows switching, from a One Shot praline production with dark chocolate and a white coconut cream filling, for example, to a white chocolate bar with whole nuts inclusions in a short time. This state-of-the-art technology has been developed to offer the highest flexibility in chocolate production as well as an unbeatable cleaning and maintenance peace of mind for any producer. Interesting point is also the possibility to have these new dosing systems installed on existing moulding lines.

Depositing and solidification line for the production of chocolate and/or chocolate compound chips.

This last development of the moulding dosing systems is the fruit of dedicated investment in a new projecting and designing workforce aided by the latest computer technology. The same technical team has also created new solutions that were specifically developed for some customers, often multinationals, willing to have new products out on the market, maybe with a special design a new solid ingredient or a new shaped biscuits, but that were willing to use an existing moulding line.

Dedicated Pick and place systems are also another bright spot in the selection of ancillary equipment offered by Mazzetti Renato Srl. Built on request both for adding items in the line, like nuts, biscuits or wafers, can also be designed for the demoulding of pralines and chocolates into belts or plastic trays. Obviously, the company has not forgot the WA-FA balls mill refiner. The machine that came as a revolutionary step in chocolate production was the idea that allowed Mr. Mazzetti Renato to create his own company in 1972.

The WA-FAs are still the best sold machines among Mazzetti’s selection. Used both for the production of spreadable creams as well as chocolate, they work starting from basic ingredients such as sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter or substitutes, nut paste, etc… the WA-FA are used worldwide by many customers and have proved their reliability, efficiency and outstanding performance.

A family company with a strong commitment to quality and service. Visiting Mazzetti Renato Srl, in the outskirts of Milan, is like being invited among a group of motivated and focused people passionate about their job. Mr Mazzetti Renato himself is still guiding the company, aided by his sons Fabio and Walter, with the third generation of Mazzetti already in the company putting forward the target of a constant commitment to their customers.