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Horizontal wrapping machine FP027, with box motion head, for packing fragile, irregular or heavy products

Each food product finds its ideal dress with Tecno Pack machines. Because modified atmosphere enables the production of bags and packs of any kind, with perfectly tight seals.

Once again Tecno Pack confirms its position as market leader with its technology used for global packaging”, states Andrea Motta, area manager. “Next to our extensive application expertise in the bakery industry, our technical innovations on modified atmosphere confirm our machines as global solutions for primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging”. Well, let’s say: The correct dress for each food stuff, because with Tecno Pack machines every food product can be packaged in different ways. The extensive range of packaging machines, in fact, is available in different versions and arrangements, and offers following options: standard flowpack for all formats, with three seals and central flap with or without vacuum in MAP; L-flowpack for medium-small cuts, with or without vacuum in MAP; resealable flowpack, with three seals and zipper, suitable for medium and small cuts in MAP, L-shaped shrink-pack, with three seals and skin film on the product, without MAP. This packaging system enhances product appearance, colour and texture; it draws attention to the content while preserving it from direct contact.

Modified atmosphere
Modified atmosphere technology is employed on horizontal flowpack packaging machines with a long sealing time as the stainless steel FP027 with box motion head, as well as on vertical pillow-pack packaging machines with a long sealing time, like the multi axis vertical wrapper FV 210 in stainless steel. All machines are electronically driven and offer similar features, like the cantilevered structure and total sanitation. Both mentioned models are available in stainless steel version with IP 67 protection class. The use of stainless steel for all structural and mechanical parts allows very high performances, even in applications with harsh environmental conditions. All models are characterised by easy format change, high accuracy, easy and reliable use, providing a safe working environment; operators can optimize packaging times via a user-friendly touch screen.

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System for the distribution in rows of bakery products arriving from the processing line, and their automatic feed to horizontal wrappers

Packaging of frozen food
Next to stand-alone packaging machines, Tecno Pack offers automatic packaging lines designed for made-to-measure packages. The different arrangements meet the needs of the entire food industry, in full compliance with application demands, starting with the use in harsh environments. In the frozen food industry, for instance, product has to be protected against microbial contamination and dehydration. The same demand is made to packaging, which must be carried out with machines featuring a proven technology. Within this framework, packaging plants and companies, whether small or large, “find in our technology a driving force in the development of innovative and safe packaging systems”, explains Andrea Motta.

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