Labelling system for beverage

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Concept Diamond, melting tank for hot melt, supplied by Robatech for all thermoplastic adhesives. Contributes to reduce consumption and glue waste

The new hot-melt technology for wrap-around labelling offers a number of advantages. Especially high precision and low consumption, thanks to the closed system and Robatech applicators.

Until a few years ago, common glass bottles were labelled mainly using self-adhesive labels. However, the increased focus on eye-catching and unusual bottles, with more and more appealing labels, changed things up a bit. Especially in the beverage sector, PET bottles have grown more popular, with their wide range of possibilities. Thus, the request for wrap-around labels has grown, and Robatech can meet it with its hot-melt systems. Specific for wrap-around labels, these applicators ensure accurate application on containers of any shape, and low energy consumption. The advanced technology characterising the applicator (specifically designed for hot-melt labelling) and the sophisticated electronic control, ensure the perfect distribution of the glue on any kind of bottle or container, even with machines operating at maximum speed. The spreading use of roll-fed labels urged Robatech to implement the plusses of its labelling system even to roll-fed labels. The range includes a non-contact version of the system, specifically designed for this kind of labellers.

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Robatech technology for plastic labels is ideal to obtain that particular “no-label-look” effect of clear labels applied onto PET bottles

The system for pre-cut labels
Pre-cut labels, stacked in the label magazine, are reliably glued onto plastic and glass containers. For initial glue application, the glue is sprayed onto the bottle in form of many spiral droplets, in a variable number according to the label size. By means of these glue droplets, the rotating container picks the label from the magazine while it moves past it. At the same time, a height-adjustable gluing head applies a thin glue film on the end of the label. Afterwards, the label is wrapped around the bottle, and glued precisely on the overlap. Rotary Robatech applicators are well-known for the considerable adhesive savings and short cleaning times. These advantages result from an accurate application and the closed applicator system. Compared to roller application, these applicators prevent contamination, emissions and glue carbonisation, next to ensuring easy and quick change-over both of labels and containers. For a quick and simple integration of the new applicators on existing systems, Robatech offers a complete solution which includes all components required for the retrofit: spray head, coating head, hoses and connections, and integrated pattern control.

Accuracy of spray heads
For the precise dosing of adhesive, Robatech offers a wide range of spray heads, suitable for thermoplastic and PUR hot-melt adhesives. Rapid switching cycles ensure the best control on quality, width and lines, providing for a perfect result even on bottles with unusual shape. Suitable for low-medium viscosity EVA, PSA and PUR hot-melts, these heads integrate fine-adjustment filters and nozzles, air heaters and external filters (as optional). Reduction of maintenance costs and environmental impact are achieved thanks to a robust and energy efficient design.