Filler for difficult products


ZILLIZilli & Bellini is following the strategy of research and development in the food technology since 1962. The company produce lines to fill and to close food and pet food products into: glass, plastic, tin plate or aluminum containers. Thanks fillers for difficult products, can also handle flexible pouches, cartons and plastic tray. The in-on line piston filler is a volumetric filler where the product is fed into an hopper and transferred to the cylinders by screws driven by servomotors. This means that we can work even with products that are not suitable to be filled with a standard piston filler. The filler can fill a wide range of difficult products like for example: leaf or chopped spinach, green cabbage, beet root, goulash, corned beef, luncheon meat, fish eggs, fish, tuna salad, pet food, vegetables, shredded carrots, row meat, cocked meat with sauce, salads, mayonnaise salads, meat spreads with or without pieces, ham, pickles, ready meals. On the filler all the requested adjustments are very easy and it can be done through the touch screen. Thanks to the servomotors technology, it is possible to change the containers size very quickly. Cleaning and maintenance is easy because all the parts are removable automatically or without any tool.

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