Single-piece caps for water


Developed by Sacmi, the CCM (continuous compression moulding) press will be equipped with Cool+, a cooling mould which features a dual cooling circuit that acts closer to where it’s needed (i.e. on the tamper band and plug). Cool+ lets manufacturers obtain capsules with size consistency (benefits that, already tested in the field, boost efficiency and reduce bottling line waste). It’s possible to make 2000 caps per minute with just 48 moulds thanks to a cycle time that is 35% shorter with respect to alternative solutions, as demonstrated by testing in major production plants. Thanks to the tidy outflow of caps from the press, Sacmi developed compression technology also makes integration with the vision system possible, with the latter inspecting 100% of output in real time. Alternatively, can also provide stand-alone quality control systems and/or ones installable on alternative technologies, such as the CHS (cap handling system), a new version of which, recently redesigned using Lean methodology, achieves inspection rates of up to 3000 caps per minute: indeed, such outstanding performance levels have boosted its market shares worldwide. Extremely compact and reliable – and with a modular structure that means it can be fully customised to meet manufacturers’ individual needs – this solution inspects every part of the cap (inside and out) directly on the line with a high-res camera, minimizing false rejects while making sure, thanks to the Failsafe Rejection System, defective caps are effectively discarded.

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