Fermenting units with ice-water cooled double jacket


Progema Engineering builds plants to produce Grana Padano Parmigiano Reggiano DOP. The photo shows a plant for the production and dosing of natural whey, consisting of several ice-water cooled fermenters and mixing tank.

The colour display shows the system synoptic with the complete feedback of all driven components, for the immediate control of correct operation and alarm recording. It also records the temperature trends related to the fermenters and to the last 24 hours of preparation.

Thanks to the supervisor on the remote PC, the management program allows following settings: Ten recipes that can be set to ten time-temperature steps; selectable quick cooling; graphical recording of time-temperature curves; speed and pause cycles; transfer of a pre-set quantity of whey from each fermenter to the mixer; total transfer of the residual whey to be discharged; litres of whey to be added in the vat; single-dosing control via remote control or in-line injection; recovery pump control and level control. The system is planned to be set up for Industry 4.0 and exchange of recipes via MES.

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