NIR dairy analyser


The Nirs DS 2500 dairy analyser is a new generation near infrared (NIR) analyser that helps to improve yield and reduce energy usage in powder production. Designed by Foss for use in the laboratory or at the production line, is a practical quality control tool ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality. Consistent routine analysis results for a range of parameters such as protein, moisture, fat, and other parameters such as colour and bulk density to fine tune production closer to targets and avoid wasteful rework. Networking software completes the picture by allowing units to be monitored and maintained remotely by NIR experts for optimal and measurement performance over time. Anyone can do reliable tests with the DS 2500 with low risk of operator error. Users just place some sample in the sample cup, push the button and wait a minute for results to appear on screen via the intuitive ISIscan Nova software. It’s IP65 certified to withstand dust, vibration and temperature fluctuations.