Self-adhesive labelers

Cylindrical or shaped containers


For a long time Packlab has been specialized in the production of linear self-adhesive labelers; nowadays it is able to provide a full range to treat the various containers used in food and beverage sector. The strong point of its adhesive labeler is the adhesive modular group, equipped with three or five axes supports, which can satisfy various demands. Its output varies from 1000 to 24,000 pieces/h, to apply the label on the vertical side of the containers, but also above and below. The range of labelers is described in the website, with all the details to resolve any issue, particularly the one concerning the product traceability, resolved with the print&apply models (they print and apply variable data on self-adhesive labels). The picture shows the Wing model, ideal for the application of self-adhesive labels on the container’s body – partially or completely enveloping – and a label on the top of the container, characterized by an output from 1000 to 4000 pcs/h.

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