Adhesive labelling

For food trays


The solution proposed by Proget Sistem Italia is inserted in the production process between the tray thermoformer machine and the weight/pricing machine to label containers of fresh and stuffed pasta, vegetables, fish and meat. The labeling module includes a double conveyor belt 300 mm wide, for trays from 1 to 250 g. At the bottom there is a Collamat EC2600 or 3600 head, depending on the speed required by the production. The system can also include a 4 inch print&apply eXatta for technical specifications such as weight, expiry date and batch or recipe. On the upper part of the tray, the label with the logos of the manufacturer or the product image is applied using a second Collamat or Exatta linear head, which applies the label correctly around the edges of the tray. The speed reaches 30 m/min. The label bobbins have a diameter of 350 mm and a width up to 160 mm. The alarm and control panel manages the entire system, organizes the work processes, and is complete with software and touch screen.

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