CSB-System, a comprehensive ERP for the food industry


The ERP system is the backbone of a company. Here are eight good reasons to choose it carefully.

Bread and bakery producers have different challenges to face than dairy producers. Just as the needs of those who turn meat into salami differ from those who treat fruits and vegetables.

However, these companies  do have something in common: They look for guaranteed traceability; management of  customers’ and suppliers’ data; raw materials purchase planning; management of production and packaging with label printing according to national and international standards; management of sales and quality control, etc.

CSB-System has detailed knowledge of all sectors of the food industry, so it offers a pre-configured solution for every need. CSB-System is a complete ERP. It offers extensive functionality for every business area along the supply chain, avoiding isolated solutions, interfaces and multiple data entries with the consequent risk of errors, not optimal use of human resources, difficulty in coordinating the different IT providers, and increased costs.

Many CSB customers have strategically implemented 100% of the software to maximize the benefits of integrated software: from asset accounting to attendance, from quality control to machine management up to Business Intelligence and document management.

Modularity and ease of upgrade

CSB-System is modular, so it can grow with the changing needs of the company or the legislator according to freely definable steps. Once the basic modules have been implemented, connecting a weighing line or tablets for taking agents’ orders does not involve the time and effort of a project from scratch.

It also ensures a higher success rate. ERP is multilingual, enabling companies with subsidiaries in different countries to implement and use the same software globally. A competitive advantage, given the opportunity for management to have centralized oversight of data and information, which also applies to small and medium-sized firms with growth prospects.

The CSB-System has country-specific accounting, which is already integrated into the basic package of goods management of the standard version. Easy and fast to update, the ERP can also be used in the Cloud. A web-based management system allowing the fast networking of the logistics, production and distribution sectors.

In order to prevail over the competition, it is essential for a company to continuously optimize the production processes from the entry of an order up to the finished product. The main function of the MES application is the management and control of the plant’s production.

It involves the dispatch of orders, the progress in terms of quantity and time, the storage deposit into the warehouse and the direct connection to the machinery to collect useful information about the production. Factory ERP offers the benefits of an ERP and MES together, allowing the creation of a managerial link between company and production by facilitating networking between machines.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to the complete integration of internal and external logistics into operating processes, CSB-System supports the automation of intralogistics and meets the demands of the food sector regarding the freshness of the products.

The automation of intralogistics also lays the foundation for the transition to Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. In the future, the entire food supply chain will be much more connected than it is today. But the road to the “smart factory” requires the integration of basic technologies, processes, and organizational conditions. And the ERP CSB-System is the ideal management system to accompany companies along this path.