Counter-top cutters for pineapple and watermelon


PND is an all-Italian company that for more than twenty years has been manufacturing industrial  fruit processing machines.

The company has made its “tailoring” design capability a real differentiating factor, recognized by customers located in Europe, the USA, Australia and Africa.

Innovation, research and development of new solutions, are fundamental elements of its vision that have led to the birth of two new machines within the family of cutting machines. These are the manual models for cutting watermelon and pineapple, called MWS and MPS respectively. Counter-top cutters can be used alone or as accessories to industrial machines, demonstrating a versatility that allows to meet the needs of the most varied markets.

Small, compact and at the same time made from quality materials such as stainless steel, both models offer the possibility to customize the thickness of the slice. The latest born ones express the company’s expertise, which always starts from a basic model that can be customized according to customer’s requests.