Turn-table wrapping machines


There is always room for innovation, and changing perspective is the best way to discover new opportunities. With this in mind, and in order to meet the needs of a dynamic sector such as the food & beverage sector, Tosa Group presents the 099 turn-table wrapping machine.

Ensuring outstanding performances and maximum stability of palletized loads, this machine is ideal for medium-high range productions, reaching up to 80 pallets/h. It allows to work with 500 or 750 mm stretch film rolls.

Conceived as all Tosa machines following the principle of low-maintenance, all chains have been replaced with maintenance-free and lubrication-free toothed belts. Routine maintenance is limited and cleanliness is guaranteed, a key requirement for machines used in the food industry.

Thanks to the compact footprint, the wrapper can be the solution for any type of line layout. Among its strengths is the possibility to equip it with the automatic top film roll change-over, which allows  the replacement of the film roll in 35” without stopping the machine, with zero production stops and in total safety.