Vacuum cooking


The vacuum cooker Gourmet Sous-Vide is produced in Italy by Reber. It consists of a tank in heat-resistant plastic material with internal resistance protected by a steel cover; precision control with temperature sensor for excursions of +/- 0.5°C; electronic programming of 14 cooking cycles.  Of these nine programs are pre-set and five can be customised and adjusted according to user needs. The external casing creates an insulation that prevents the loss of heat. The steel cover prevents moisture loss and allows the droplets of condensate to fall to the sides of the tank, where they go back to the standard temperature. The sensor in the tank in a convection sensor, used to reduce energy loss and guarantee a uniform temperature. The resistance in direct contact with water, cooks the food without enforced recirculation, allowing to fill the tank up to 70% capacity (10/17 litres). The delayed start option allows to prepare the device with the food and program it. Two models are available: the smaller one has an average consumption of 40 W, the larger one of 60 W. The low cooking temperature preserves vitamins and mineral salts, and ensures excellent quality and tenderness of the meat. Preventing the direct contact of food with high temperatures and cooking liquids, this system preserves food taste.

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