Compact horizontal cartoning machines


Nima Erre.Ti Packaging has always been attentive to ensure the quality of its machines and services, down to the finest detail. From the point of view of safety, all machines and applications are designed and manufactured according to the regulations currently in force, and each product is CE marked.

Very attentive also to the environment, the company adopts low impact technologies, using energy produced by solar panels and latest generation of heat pumps, for heating, hot water and summer cooling.

The company’s range includes the AA-100 Compact horizontal cartoner, an alternating motion machine with cantilevered product transport units to facilitate maintenance and cleaning operations.

The machine movements are all mechanical, by means of closed profile cams that give strength and reliability over time. The main technical features are: speed up to 100 strokes/min; installed power 2 kW; weight 750 kg; air consumption from 250 to 350 l/min, 6 bar.