Packaging of frozen bakery products


For the packaging of frozen bakery products of different shapes and sizes, Sitma Machinery proposes 8002 Food Grade, a machine with stainless steel structure in conformity with Hygienic Design requirements. Productivity reaches 9000 pieces per hour, with bottom overlapping and shrinking possibility.

Multiple sealing options are possible: lower longitudinal, side sealing without off-cut trimming, “display” mode, grained, for considerable thickness. High autonomy is guaranteed by the possibility of installing up to 2 film reels. The machine has a synchronization module which keeps products separated and optimises the production capacity regulating the feeding sequence.

Production change over is easy thanks to the simultaneous installation of different sealers. The opening shrink tunnel provides for simple cleaning and inspection. Films of different type (mono- and multi-layer, heat-shrinking, biodegradable) and thickness (from 9 to 80 μm) can be used. The possibility of in-line installation allows the automatic feeding of products.