Candied fruit and chestnuts


Since 1994 Agromeccanica has been designing and manufacturing food processing machinery for the agroindustry. The company’s production is focused on processing lines for tomatoes, legumes, chestnuts, fruit salad and liqueur. The presented line is designed for candied fruit and chestnuts.  Chestnuts are peeled either by oven, where the product is separated from inner and external peels; or by vapour, where a multi-blade device applies a number of cuts on the chestnut peel. Then the product is separated from the peels through a boiling screw and a peel separator belt. The end-of-line consists in a manual sorting table with washing tank and extraction elevator. Peeled chestnuts coming out are ready for candying and glazing. Chestnuts are candied with the traditional method, in tanks filled with syrup. Thanks to modular tanks it is possible to satisfy every specific production capacity. Syrup production requires preparation, distribution and concentration units. For the production of Marrons glacés, chestnuts are conveyed into a frosting tunnel, where they glazed. After that, the product is ready to be packaged.

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